On-site heat treatment applications:

  1. Providing weld heat (=pre-heating) for construction parts.
  2. Heat treatment according to client specifications (respectively according to ASME / DIN)

Economic time factor: WBHS is using mobile heat-treatment ovens, which enable us to heat-treat large quantities of parts on-site. We are able to provide mobile heat-treatment plants in (almost) any size.


We specialize in these three pre-heating methods.

  • Electrical pre-heating with mains current.
  • Gas-based / infrared (fully automized)
  • Induction-based

On-Site Heat Treatments

DIN and ASME norms define “heat treatment” as follows:

A method or a combination of methos used to treat a workpiece, during which said workpiece is undergoing a series of changes in temperature or a defined temperature sequence in order to achieve certain material qualities.

Depending on the field of application we are able to provide the best technical solution.

Definition: Heat Treatment is a warming-process used to improve mechanical and other qualities of various materials. To achieve these qualities, a constant temperature is maintained during a defined timeframe, followed by a controlled cool-down.

On-site applications

1. Tension Reduction

Lowers the risk of unwanted deformations caused by uneven cool-downs or tensions caused by the welding process. Heat-treatment takes place at high temperatures without changing the mechanical qualities.

2. Re-Cristallization Heat Treatment

Normalizes a change in structure caused by cold reshaping which increases tensile strength and hardness while at the same time lowering glutinousness and formability. Temperatures range from 500 to 700 degrees Celsius, cooling-down temperature must be sufficiently low.

Solution Heat-Treatment

By warming an alloy at high temperature, all unwanted elements get seperated at an increased speed.

For On-Site Heat Treatments we use these technologies as required:

  • Electric heat treament (mains current)
  • Electric heat treament (high voltage)
  • Gas-based (high-speed burners)
  • Mobile Heat-Treatment Ovens
  • Induction-based
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