Nant de Drance – Best of 2015 timelapse video

Nante de Drance is truly a power plant project of superlatives: 17 kilometers if tunnels, 1.7 million cubic meters of excavated material and a capacity of 900MW puts Nant de Drance on par with Europe’s biggest pumped storage power plants. WBHS was responsible for onsite heat treatment services. The following video shows the scale of the construction of such a plant.

Heat-Treatment preparations.

Hydroelectric Power Station Bhutan

In Bhutan we were part of the project team that built a new hydroelectric power plant.

Shaft View

Heat Treatment Kaprun Power Plant

Heat Treatment Kaprun Power Plant during the power plant’s expansion.

Steel Plant Gardasee

Pre-Construction of steel-plant components at Gardasee

At Gardasee, WBHS was responsible for the on-site heat treatments of various pre-constructed steel plant parts.

The construction site from above.

On-Site Heat Treament | Power Plant Heiligenkreuz

WBHS was in charge of on-site heat treatments during the construction of Heiligenkreuz Biomass Power Plant.